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Principal Builders & Pac-12 Create a Space for Champions

The Pac-12 is a home for many of us at Principal Builders.  Founded on academic excellence and superior athletic performance, it is a conference rich in history, tradition and heritage – leading the nation in National Championships 48 of the last 54 years.

The opportunity to work on the office expansion of such an elite conference was a dream come true for our team.

Within the 32,000 square foot build out, Principal Builders delivered a multi-functional space including private offices, a spacious pantry, an area to display trophies and a flexible assembly and event space to accommodate large groups.

Our commitment was to bring the Pac-12 to life in a way that captured their vision of growth, spirit and possibility, while honoring the conference’s century-long history and high standards. We accomplished this by integrating wood, glass, heightened technology and graphic wall displays into construction – enhancing the message of exponential growth through a combined power of 12.

Working directly adjacent to the ­­fully operating Pac-12 Network television station for 14 weeks without interrupting broadcasting was also a significant achievement. To accomplish this and the project’s other goals – quality, on-time delivery, budget management – Principal Builders utilized traditional budgeting practices, proactive scheduling and quality goals early in the process.

Principal Builders and HLW are thrilled to have created an atmosphere that the Pac-12 can proudly call ‘home’.

“The Pac-12 Conference had a great experience working with Principal Builders to create our new offices as the Conference transitioned from Walnut Creek to San Francisco. The Principal Builders team was laser focused on building an innovative space all while staying on time and budget. The two entities met weekly to keep our plans in place and Principal Builders showcased a keen focus on value engineering the space to appear breathtakingly state of the art without breaking the bank. The great partnership still exists and the team at Principal Builders should know they always have a space to touchdown in the Conference offices.”

-Heather Vaughan
Pac-12, Marketing VP

By Christine on February 17, 2015

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