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The Right Kind of Busy

The Right Kind of Busy

One thing that’s true of Principal Builders is that we love being the right kind of busy. And lately we’ve gotten just what we’ve asked for with an incredible group of customers who are as bold, brave and progressive as we could hope for. Referrals remain our primary source of new business, so it’s a testament to both our current and long-time customers that we continue to be selected to build a host of world-class, professional environments. Thank you to those of you who have connected us and shared your experiences with other teams.

We are pleased to announce the following projects:
  • Dropbox
  • NRG
  • Comcast
  • GoPro (thrilled to work together again!)
  • Arnold Porter
  • Acxiom (another long-term client!)
  • ODG
  • Golden State Warriors Sales Center
  • Dodge & Cox (another long-term client!)
  • NetSuite (another long-term client!)
  • Norwest (another long-term client!)
  • Rapt Studios
  • Kilpatrick Townsend
  • Uber (now on our 7th job together!)

Our Commitment in Today’s Market

Something we continue to see played out in today’s market is the expectation of perfection – whether this is realistic or not. Many assume that all builders are set up to deliver flawlessly, even under conditions that are inherently challenging. Yet, in this highly competitive environment, what customers are quickly finding out is that because of the stressors impacting many sectors, it is essential to make allowances.

When the market is busy, inventory and resources can be extremely taxed, which compounds the uncertainty and risk of a project. For us, this means we have to be even more sensitive to managing budgets and getting ahead of issues before they impact a project.

In this market, we remain especially committed to our long-held mantra of ‘no surprises’. While there will always be the chaos that construction and building brings, our clients know that by working with us, there will be far fewer chaotic moments – and those that do arise will be expertly managed and mitigated.

Thank You

Lastly, we want to express thanks for all of the positive feedback we get from you, for what we consider to be just doing our job. The entire Principal Builders team feels even more motivated to stay on the path of aiming high when others recognize and appreciate our approach and work ethic – driving our desire to achieve a high level of integrity and partnership.

These newsletters are always a great opportunity to share what’s new with us – from celebrations to observations. So thank you for keeping up with us. It’s been a terrific year, in large part, because of you.

Here’s to more good stuff!
– The Principal Builders Team

By Christine on August 27, 2015

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