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Construction where it counts: Sean in Bolivia

A Different Kind of Project.

Experiencing San Francisco’s booming economy every day, it’s easy to forget that millions of people on our planet struggle with some of life’s most basic necessities. So when our own Sean Puterbaugh came to us with a request for time off, to help build an educational facility for an international training center, for rural leaders in Bolivia, he had our full support.

In partnership with Construction for Change, a Seattle-based organization dedicated to creating infrastructure in underdeveloped countries, and Etta Projects, a Bolivian non-profit founded to empower local organizations around creating clean water facilities, access to education and sanitation systems, Sean is realizing a personal goal and giving back in a place that needs it most.

Sean’s dedication to this project moved us to donate to support his dream. We’re hoping you may feel moved to donate something, too. The project is only $15,000 away from meeting funding goals.

With gratitude,

The Principal Builders Family

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“I was first introduced to PBI through PBI Alum Zoe Carter Hyatt, who had volunteered for Construction for Change in Africa. Bolivia, though ecologically rich, is one of the most economically impoverished in South America. From clean drinking water to elementary school education, finding a community in need of help with infrastructure isn’t the hard part. Although there are many skilled people on the ground, the challenge is finding a supervisor who is capable of organizing, planning, and executing all phases of a project, while simultaneously overseeing the multitude of varied daily tasks on site. I knew I wanted to bring my construction skills to a place in need. The education facility at the Community Transformation Center that we’re building will be the town center where classes will be held on using medicinal plants, basic hygiene and nutrition, constructing dry compost latrines, and needed medical education. They just need a sound and safe place to do their work.”

– Sean Puterbaugh

Click here to learn a little more about Sean’s story and the construction challenges of building in Bolivia. (here)

By Principal Builders on August 14, 2018

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